The Phases Of Khilafah Islamia And Milestones Of Khilafah Rashidah

  • Dr.Mir Akbar Shah Assistant Professor Faculty of Islamic Studies, Department of Dawah and Islamic Culture, International Islamic University Islamabad.
  • Syed Naeem Badshah Chairperson, Department of Islamic Studies, The University of Agriculture Peshawar


Islam a complete way of life has provided guidance in every sphere of
life. The Khilafah reflects this guidance in the political sphere.
Khilafah system is a special term and unique concept in the political
history of the word. The period of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon
Him) and the four rightly guided Caliphs is the most exceptional period in the
political history.
The concept of Khilafah is pointed out in the traditions of the Prophet
(Peace be upon Him) and has termed as role model for the Muslims.
This article studies the meaning, value and period of Khilafah
concept; it also studies the representatives of the rightly guided Khilafah
according to the traditions of the Prophet and the consensus of the