Evaluating Islamic banks’ Products and Services through Product and Service Disclosure Index (PSDi)

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


Due to Shariah governance (SG), the management ensures whether or not
their bank’s products, services, and operations are in-line with the defined
rules of Shariah. This Shariah ensurity is crucial because the concern
investment and deposit making stakeholders chooses Islamic banks’ products
and services just because to protect their religious commitments and belief.
The fundamental purpose of this project is to evaluate the prevailing Islamic
banks’ products and services through a self-constructed product and service
disclosure index called PSDi here after. The study is inspired from the few
well-reputed and highly cited prior research studies in the field of Islamic
banks’ disclosure. The focused is on the product and service attributes
disclosed on the Islamic banks’ website. PSDi would be used to compare
different products and services offering by the Islamic banks. It would help
both the existing and potential Islamic banks’ customers in their investment
decisions toward Islamic banks.