The Holy Book, New Testament and Family Life

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


In both Judaism and Christianity, there is enough material and
guidance about marital and family life. However, both religions agree that the
status of women is inferior as compared to her male counterpart. Similalrly,
both religions are unanimous that if there is any hurdle in the way of a male’s
spiritual success, it is none else but the female.
Prior to Islam, the physical/sexual relationship between male and
female was considered to be a hurdle in the spiritual success. Therefore,
rahbaniyyah or seclusion as well as abstinence from married life was
considered the road to spiritual development.
Marriage is an important issue which has a special status in the
spiritual progress of a person. However, there are no clear directives about
this fact in Christianity. It should come as a surprise that the most dominant
and prevalent religion in the developed world (i.e. Christianity) does not
provide clear and sufficient guidance about the institution of marriage. This is
a fact which is accepted by none else but the Christian scholars themselves.
In this article, we investigate marriage or family life in light of the
New Testament.