Vol. 1 No. 2 (2018): Volume 01 ,ISSUE 2 (July- December ) 2018

Table of Contents

1. Principles and Views of the Jurisprudence of Hazrat Ayesha RA

2. A scientific study of Muhammad bin Abdul Karim al shehrastani inclining towards Rawafiz.

3. A Research Analysis of Ghazwa Bani Quraiza Narrated in Surah Ahzab in the Light of Tafseer e Mazhari.

4. The impact of theory of permissibility on contemporary Islamic banking:Analytical study

5. Holy Book, the Old Testament and Family Life

6. Imprisonment of Husband due to Non-Payment of Maintenance: A Critical Review

7. The Implementation of the Juristic Opinion of Four Imams about Resemblance with Non-Muslims in Contemporary Affairs: An Analytical Study

8. The alienation in the poems of Hegazy and Yashab Tamanna a comparative study

9. Features of the influence of the Arabic language on the Spanish language in Undlus Islamic Era (Historical Stydy)

10. Limited Liability in Islamic Jurisprudence: The Case of Authorized Slave

11. The Concept of Public Borrowing in Islam

12 CPEC: A mega project; Prospects and challenges

13. Madrassa Education and Fundamentalism in Pakistan

14. Islam and Existentialism: An Analysis of the Philosophy regarding God, Man, Universe, Existence and Education

15. Islamism In Social Services In Pakistan: An Assessment Of Reliefwork To The Bomb Blast Victims In Peshawar Pakistan

Published: 2020-01-22