Quran’s Methodology with false religions In the Light of Principles Al-Mokhasma

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


The knowledge of Mokhasma mean to argue and discussion with
opponents and enemy. According to the knowledge of Al-mokhasma; false
beliefs of Jews, Christians and hypocrites are to be explained and their beliefs
are rejected in the light of Quran and Sunnah.
Quran is the last book among all the revealed books which is revealed
on the last holy prophet Muhammad (PBUH).This is only book whose
responsibility is taken by god. Imam Shah Waliullah has divided the
knowledge of Quran into five types, one of them is knowledge of Al-mokhasma.
The synonyms of knowledge of Al-mokhasma are; debate, discussion and
dialogue. In Quran it has mentioned the dialogue and discussion of false
religions, not in a way of opposing the opposition but the god and the universe
are affected by the imagination, creed, rules and principles. These principles
include morality, patience, altitude, equality, justice, discipline, not
forcefulness and common sense. In Al-Mokhasma dialogue has special
importance in; the dialogue between Allah and man, the dialogue between
Allah and prophets and dialogue between prophets and nations are
remarkable. The invitation is a process due to which condition of heart
changes. No person can tolerate his beliefs, rituals, ideologies and family
reputation unless his preacher has the qualities of good hearted, well pleasing
and generousity.