The Fundamental Principles of Islamic Trading in the Light of Hoarding and Artificial Shortage of Supply

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


Trade is one of the most important and the oldest way in human
history. Countries cannot be strong and dependent, unless their economic,
social and political relations are very good. Trade process have played an
active role not only in the movement of money and goods, but also in the
healthy civilizations, cultures, religions among peoples and nations, where the
primary role has centred on the flow of goods, capital, human resources and
services. The Islamic religion defines Sharia law and their principles in
perspective of Shariah. The Shariah Law prohibits the acceptance of unlawful
trade that cause harmful and deceive among people. Hence, Lawful principles
are accepted and known as prosperity of countries and humanity as well as for
the worthful economy.
Similary the terminology of “hoarding” has deep roots in various
countries around the world, which prohibits in Islam and Sharia. There are
many side effects and harmful measure which takes peole through this
unlawful and sinful trade. Islam strongly, strictly denies and discouragement
of hoarding.