An Analysis of the views of G.Singh Dara on the Preachings and Battles of Prophet (peace be upon him)

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


The world has become a global village and the interaction between
different nations and religions is increasing. For the upbringing of this global
village in a positive way, Inter-Faith Dialouge is must. In the present situation
Inter-Faith Dialouge between Judaism, Christainity and Islam is required,
similarly Inter-Faith Dialouge between Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism is also
very important as India is next to Pakistan and millions of Muslims are living
in India. Moreover plenty of Hindu and Sikh writers have written books on the
Life of The Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him), for example: Sawami
Laksman Parshad, Dr.Ved Prakash, G.Singh Dara, Surjeet Singh Lamba etc.
which can help in bringing peace and harmany between these religious.