A research analysis of moula syed Abu Al A la Moudodid s method of excegsis in Tafheem ul Quran, and a review of his .scholarly and political services

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


The uncountable exegetes have struggled their best to explain and
exegesis of the Holy Quran in different ways and different methodologies
according to the existing prevailing circumstances of their own age, giving so
many references. Like that Mulana Sayyed Abu-ul-Aa’la Maududi has
performed a very significant, remarkable, valuable and unforgettable task
writing classically Tafheem-ul-QURAN in Urdu language. An effort has been
made to elaborate and explain has Tafseer Methodology (تفسیر منہج (has
Political & Scientific efforts making has work easily under stable for the
seeker of knowledge the following article.