The implementation of the jurisprudential principle

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


The matters are associated with the intentions in the light of Islamic
In the Islamic Jurisprudence, "the jurisprudential Principles" are the rules
other than Usool e Fiqh, which have been compiled by the Islamic Jurists
experts of Fiqh after the compilation of Fiqh. In these rules, every rule
encompasses many similar subsidiary members, in the light of which we can
find out the Islamic legal state of those members. Apart from this, we can also
derive, with the light of these rules, the Islamic position of many modern cases
which appear due to the latest development of the age.
In many cases, Shariah has regarded the intention, motive or objective as an
authority for the legal position of a case. The Islamic Jurists Foqahaa change
the legal status of a case due to the change of intention in many matters. They
have formulated a famous rule regarding to the intention of a man i.e. "The
matters are associated with the intentions". The undermentioned article also
consists of the above rule and also the application of its subsidiary rules which
serve to understand the principle and its application on the different
circumstances in the man life.