Discriminative attitude of British Reign towards the Muslims of India

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


Islam is the religion of peace. It does not create any kind of discrimination
among the people on the basis of race, color, geography or language. Islam
gives the equal rights of the minorities even though they are Athens. Islam
protects the economic, social and religious status of the local people. Muslims
maintained their distinctive features in the subcontinent and lived in harmony
with the narrow minded Hindus. When the British came in Power in India they
used different tactics to destroy the people of the subcontinent financially,
morally and educationally. They adopted the policies of divide and rule. Their
educational scheme was only to create discrimination among the people of
subcontinent. They created differences in Muslims to divide them into different
sects. In short they left no stone unturned to disturb the unity of Muslims and
exploit the people of subcontinent with cruel devices and schemes.