Socialization and Holy Quran

  • Muneer Ahmed Chief Editor


This article highlights Quranic socialization where the Holy Quran installs
and implants belief, norms, values, rules and regulations in the individuals to
make them appropriate members of the society. Hence major aspects of
socialization at individual, familial and societal level are encompassed.
Individuals are socialized through development of mental frame work,
assignment of responsibilities, capacity building and implantation of justice.
Furthermore, in family socialization is carried out through respect of parents,
rights of wife and nourishment of the children. Finally, socialization for social
life stresses upon communication skills, standardized behavior, mode of
dealing with people, equal distribution of wealth and spots of good
This articles addresses prominent aspects of socialization presented by Holy
Quran that will help individuals to shape their personalities, become a good
family members and adopt an appropriate behaviors in social life to adjust
properly in society. Hence it would contribute to peace and prosperity of the
society if implemented with true spirit of devotion.