Oral Traditions and their Legal Status in Judaism: An An Analytical study

یہودیت میں زبانی روایات اوراس کی قانونی حیثیت :ایک تحقیقی مطالعہ

  • Saad Jaffar The University of Lahore
  • Dr. Abdul Rashid Qadri The University of Lahore


Judaism is the oldest religion in the Semitic religions and its adherents in every age have tried to preserve their identity as well as their teachings to some extent but the circulation of the day has left its mark on these teachings. The Jews considered Old Testament to be the word of God. The Jewish scholars have also developed its variants which are considered as reliable and authoritative among them. These variants were developed gradually in different periods of Jewish history. The first variant was called Mishna while the second was called Gemara. The combination these variants is called Talmud. Initially, the oral law used to be interpreted freely in the context of a passage from Bible called Midrash. Midrash is further categorized into Halakah and Haggadah. In this paper, we have briefed the origin and evolution of Talmud. We have also discussed its legal status near jews.

Author Biographies

Saad Jaffar, The University of Lahore

Research Scolar, Department of Islamic Studies

Dr. Abdul Rashid Qadri, The University of Lahore

Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies