Quranic Perspectives, Scientific Thoughts, and its Mundane Applications: Analytical Commentary

  • Prof. Dr. Jamil Ahmad Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Peshawar
  • Dr. Iqbal Ahmad Department of Education, University of Malakand
Keywords: Islamic perspectives, scientific phenomenon, Quranic interpretation, application of principles, supplementary


The contemporary age of global dynamism, fast track paradigm shifts and scientific explorations, Quranic interpretation of human thoughts is essential as it is closely related to the fundamental roles and responsibilities of people living modern ages. In the current times many confusions and complexities continuously arise regarding the scientific phenomenon and its interpretation in the principles provided by the Quran. Although much has been written on this topic, however, less is known related to some critical scientific phenomenon and their relational interpretation in the light of Quranic injunctions and principles. This paper presents an elaboration of Quranic perspectives on scientific thoughts, its interpretations, and applications in worldly affairs. We further present an analysis of scientific phenomenon and encourage critique from the Islamic society for understanding the Quranic interpretation of scientific phenomenon and its applications. The review concludes that both Quranic principles and scientific phenomenon are mutually complimentary and supplementary because science is the manifestation of human explorations while Quranic thoughts and principles are the guidelines for human course. It is further concluded that in essence, modern science is the actual use of Quranic principles and teaching to the benefit of humanity in practical terms.