Current Educational Challenges & Solutions in the Perspective of Islam

  • Dr.Farhat Associate Professor, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore.
  • Syed Naeem Badshah Badshah Chairperson Department of Islamic Studies The University of Agriculture Peshawar
  • Amir Ullah Associate Professor & Chairman, Department of Political Science, Islamia College, Peshawar;
Keywords: Current, Educational, Challenges, Solutions, Islamic Perspective


One of the major challenges facing the Muslim Ummah is our education system today. This education system is neither in accordance with Islamic teachings nor does it meet the modern needs of Muslims. Therefore, it is important for Muslims to change this education system and restructure it according to Islamic requirements and modern needs. The purpose of education in every society is to develop a person who  have believes and ideologies that the society believes in and to educate him in such a way that he can become a useful member of that society. For this, it is necessary to understand the purpose and importance of education and its current situation and to consider the method of its Islamic reconstruction. It can be said in the Islamic context that knowledge in Islam means knowledge of guidance. The fact that knowledge is for action indicates the fact that education is for action and the inevitable result and learning must be the application of that knowledge. This necessity of knowledge and action also shows us the importance of education because salvation in the hereafter depends on action. The Hereafter will come in the form of salvation, i.e, the pleasure of Allah Almighty and the attainment of His blessings. It also shows the importance of purification and training. That is, if knowledge is not put into practice and the result of education is not manifested in the form of training and self-purification, then such knowledge is useless. Rather, knowledge that is not practiced is bad for human beings. The skills required for this should be determined and efforts should be made to acquire them and it should be considered who will do this work.