A literary review of certain specific problems mentioned in Surah Al Taha in the light of Tafseer Al Ikleel

الاکلیل فی استنباط التنزیل کی روشنی میں سورۃ طہٰ میں مذکورمخصوص مسائل اوران کےاحکام کاایک مطالعاتی جائزہ

  • Muhammad Siddeque Allah University of Baluchistan
  • Dr. Sahibzada Baz Muhammad University of Baluchistan


Al-Suyuti was born on 3 October 1445 AD (9th century hijri) in Cairo, Egypt. His Family moved to Asyut in Mamluk Egypt, hence he called AlSuyuti. AlSuyuti was the famous Scholar of Islamic History.  He worked in every field of Islamic studies .He belons to Shafi school of thought. He wrote many books about fiqh, Hadith, Tafseer and sufiism. AlSuyuti was died on 18 October 1505.

The summary of this article is that, it is not permissible in Islam to greet a non-Muslim first in a salaam. While, in case of extending concession for a special reason, it is permissible. In the same manner, only "Walaikum" will be said as a response to the Salam of a non-Muslim. It is also a belief of the majority of the Ulamma that all the Holy Prophets Were free from committing all kinds of sins. Sometime the matters done by them, seem sins but to the religious scholars, it is called a tendency of forget and thoughtless. The Final issue is the torment of the grave. The torment of the grave is proven by definite texts from the Holy Quran and the Hadith and these texts are continuously derived from the credible sources of Islam Even though, these logics are undeniable and the refusal of it, is equal to Infidelity. These logics are free from denial, because The Sadiq Nabi Kareem (PBUH) has informed us about it and the intellect also does not deny these arguments.

Author Biography

Muhammad Siddeque Allah, University of Baluchistan

Department of Islamic Studies