The life of Jesus, in the light of Bible

حیات حضرت مسیحؑ؛ کتاب مقدس کی نظر میں

  • Dr. Zia Ullah Jadoon Government Middle School, Topi, Sawabi
  • Dr. Muneer Ahmed University of Sawabi


Jesus or Isa Ibn Maryam is an Israeli prophet. Muslims consider him God's chosen prophet. Sent for guidance and right direction towards Allah, who stayed on earth for a while, and then were taken alive to heaven. Near the Day of Judgment, He will descend again and will follow the Shari'ah of Muhammad (S.A.W), will stayon this earth for some time and after his soul departes, will be buried in Madinah. But Christians believed Him like a God or son of God.

Here the question arises that there is nothing in the four Gospels about the above theology. Why?And what is the state of Isa Ibn Maryam in the Gospels?

This studyconcluds-with the help of historical and inferential method of research-thatJesus Christ was a first century Jewish preacher and religious leader. He is the central figure ofchristianty-the world's largest religion. Most Christiansbelieve he is the incarnation of God, Son and the awaited Massih(the Christ)prophesed in the Old Testament. Infacthe was only a prophet of God, not God, nor the son of God, as Bible shows.

Author Biographies

Dr. Zia Ullah Jadoon, Government Middle School, Topi, Sawabi

Arabic Teacher

Dr. Muneer Ahmed, University of Sawabi

Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Studies and Arabic