Translanguaging: an Emerging Pedagogy in the Selected Universities of Hazara Region

  • Iqra Maheen Abbottabad University of Science &Technology Havelian
  • Muhammad Sohaib The University of Haripur, Haripur KPK


Translanguaging is an emerging phenomenon in language classrooms of the world. It is emerging as a pedagogical technique with the use of other languages to learn a new language. This research is conducted to find out the use of translanguaging by teachers and students in English language classrooms of Hazara. The study also deals with a concise overview of multilingualism in relation to Islamic history.This qualitative study is conducted in Hazara division and the samples of the study were English language teachers and students of undergraduate level in three selected universities of the region. Interviews were conducted to collect the data from the participants and the collected data was analyzed through content analysis procedures. Thematic analysis was conducted and themes were extracted to reach the results and conclusion of the study. The results reveal that the teachers and students are multilingual and they use more than one language in classrooms. The study concluded that translanguaging is practiced in language learning classrooms and (more than one language) teachers and students used existing repertoire of languages to teach and learn another language.

Author Biographies

Iqra Maheen, Abbottabad University of Science &Technology Havelian

Lecturer Department of English

Muhammad Sohaib , The University of Haripur, Haripur KPK

Lecturer Department of Linguistics