Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Adolescents

  • Sadiq Shoaib California State University, Stanislaus, USA
  • Syed Naeem University of California, Loss Angels, USA


The article called “Behavioral and Emotional Problems in School Going Adolescents” was extremely interesting due to the fact that it is relevant in today’s society. Today not only does it catch a person attention but also it seemed like there are constant behavioral and emotional problems within adolescents that are going to school. The problems with school going adolescents is only becoming worse and adolescents are suffering emotionally, day and day out.

It seems like instead of them being able to get more help, they have become more isolated. Some decide to lock themselves in their room and be on the World Wide Web all of the time. They could be watching movies or be on social media or just browsing YouTube, in order to numb the pain. Adolescents will use technology sometimes, to get away from the real world and stay away from what is really going on reality. In reality, the only true way to find peace of mind is to get close Allah (SWT) but because it its extremely difficult for adolescents to understand they are confused and have a hard time understanding what to do.

Author Biography

Syed Naeem, University of California, Loss Angels, USA

Postdoctoral Fellow University of California, Loss Angels, USA